Naturtint Retail Support: Perfect Planogramming

Here at Nature’s Dream we love nothing more than helping our retailers get the most from their product displays. We understand that shelf space is of a premium in most stores, and that you need every inch of space to be working for you. As such, we work hard to track the most popular products and regularly share details of these bestsellers, giving our retailers the best chance of stocking the products their customers want. We’ve created a handy guide that shows our listing recommendations for different shelf space availabilities,... Read More


Naturtint Expert Advice: Menopausal Hair

Given the growth in the aging population of the UK, the proportion of women going through menopause at this time is growing. But it’s only recently that the subject has been in such sharp focus, with many celebrities opening up and talking about their own experiences.

Shade mixing with Naturtint 16/05/2022

Naturtint Expert Advice: Colour Mixing & Shade Codes

Have your customers ever asked for a colour that is somewhere in the middle of two shades? Ever been faced with a shade code question relating to other hair dye brands? In this blog post, our resident hair colour expert Kerry Capewell explains the endless colour options available to you and your customers when they have the confidence to mix it up!


NATURTINT: Our 3 Commitments

Naturtint is committed to delivering naturally better hair colourants and has been at the forefront of reducing the amount of chemicals in hair colour and care, without compromising on results, for more than 30 years. As a brand, Naturtint pledges to create products that are good for you, good for your hair and good for our planet. These are our three commitments.


NATURTINT: Our Biobased Certification

For more than 30 years, Naturtint has been at the forefront of cleaner beauty and reducing chemicals in hair colour. Today, their commitment to scientific innovation and providing cleaner beauty options remains the same. That’s why we are so proud that Naturtint permanent hair colours exceed the minimum USDA Certified Biobased content for Hair Styling Products and are now USDA Certified Biobased Products.


Naturtint Expert Advice: Caring for grey hair

While it looks as though we’re seeing the end of Covid and its restrictions on the horizon, many women are choosing to embrace the habits they developed over the last couple of years. Learn how to best care for grey hair with Naturtint.