Natura Siberica

Pioneering Face, Hair and Body Care – Born in Siberia.

Natura Siberica products are based on the traditional remedies of ancient Siberian tribes. Featuring wild-harvested ingredients, sourced from unspoilt landscapes, Natura Siberica work with these local tribes, bringing about positive changes in their lives.

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  • Travel Set Oblepikha Siberica Professional (200ml)
  • Alladale Repair Natural Shampoo (400ml)
  • Alladale Repair Natural Conditioner (400ml)
  • Alladale Repair Natural Hair Mask (120ml)
  • Alladale Firming Natural Body Cream (370ml)
  • Alladale Modelling Natural Body Scrub (370ml)
  • Alladale Nourishing And Repairing Natural Hand Cream (75ml)
  • Alladale Soothing Natural Foot Cream (75ml)
  • Alladale Moisturizing Natural Shower Gel (400ml)
  • Cleansing Foaming Mousse (170ml)
  • Organic Certified Soothing Cleansing Jelly (140ml)
  • Organic Certified Mild Reviving Jelly-Scrub (50ml)
  • Organic Certified Instant Relief Face Tonic (100ml)
  • Organic Certified Anti-Fatigue Eye Patch-effect Mask (50ml)
  • Organic Certified Multi Protection Face Aqua-Serum (15ml)
  • Organic Certified Soothing Night Face Cream (50ml)
  • Organic Certified Protective Moisturising Day Face Cream (50ml)
  • Organic Certified SOS Soothing Night Face Mask (50ml)
  • Organic Certified Hyaluronic Exfoliating Gel (75ml)
  • Organic Certified Instant Glow Face Mask  (75ml)
  • Organic Certified Moisturising Face Tonic (100ml)
  • Organic Certified Anti-Puffiness Eye Gel (30ml)
  • Organic Certified Brightening Face Serum (15ml)
  • Organic Certified BB Correcting Cream (30ml)
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To survive the extreme Siberian conditions, endemic and adaptogenic herbs and plants synthesize highly protective active ingredients and have extraordinary antioxidant properties. When used therapeutically they offer unique health and beauty benefits. 

Beautiful packaging, luxurious yet natural formulations and brilliant price points.