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Pioneering Face, Hair and Body Care – Born in Siberia.

Natura Siberica products are based on the traditional remedies of ancient Siberian tribes. Featuring wild-harvested ingredients, sourced from unspoilt landscapes, Natura Siberica work with these local tribes, bringing about positive changes in their lives.

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  • Tundra Petals Smoothness & Elasticity Body Cream (200ml)
  • Northern Berries Hydration & Radience Body Lotion (200ml)
  • Royal Cedar Nutrition & Suppleness Body Balm (200ml)
  • Natural Pine Soap Handmade (100G)
  • Natural Snow Soap Handmade (100G)
  • Natural Propolis Soap Handmade (100G)
  • Northern Soap For Deep Facial Cleansing (120ml)
  • Northern Cleansing Micellar Water (200ml)
  • Softening Cream-Soap (500ml)
  • Nourishing Cream-Soap (500ml) Best Seller
  • Hydrating Cream-Soap (500ml)
  • Revitalising Bath Salt (600G)
  • Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for sensitive scalps (400ml)
  • Organic Certified Volume & Freshness Shampoo for oily hair (400ml)
  • Organic Certified Volume & Nourishment Shampoo for all hair types (400ml)
  • Organic Certified Neutral Shampoo for sensitive scalps (400ml)
  • Organic Certified Energy & Shine Shampoo for weak hair (400ml)
  • Organic Certified Colour Revival & Shine Shampoo for dyed hair (400ml)
  • Organic Certified Repair & Protect Shampoo for damaged hair (400ml)
  • Organic Certified Nutrition & Hydration Shampoo for dry hair (400ml)
  • Colour Revival & Shine Conditioner for dyed hair (400ml)
  • Repair & Protection Conditioner for damaged hair (400ml)
  • Nutrition & Hydration Conditioner for dry hair (400ml)
  • Volume & Nourishment Conditioner for all hair types (400ml)
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