The stunning colours of autumn

Autumn – such a beautiful season with so many shades of colour. And even though there is a definite coolness breezing in, we still love getting out in the fresh

Juniper Scalp Therapy Conditioner – why so many oils?

Avocado Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil – sounds like lunch menu, right? But did you know that these oils are great for your hair? The oils in

Scalp Scrubs – are they worth the money?

Scalp scrubs – another marketing hype or are they really worth the money? And what exactly do you do with them? And, more importantly, what exactly can they do for

Post-summer hair hydration

We’re reluctant to admit it, but summer’s drawing to a close. The weather is getting nippier, our jeans have reclaimed centre stage in our drawers and we’ll soon be swapping

Essential hair care for the summer heatwave

It’s been a beautiful summer, an absolute scorcher. We’ve had BBQs, we’ve been on sunny strolls and we’ve slurped G&Ts in the garden (guilty!). But, sadly, summer is drawing to

Hair Talk: Get the look!

Spring. At last! The days are getting longer, the flowers are in bud and the birds have started their dawn chorus. It’s a beautiful time of year and often inspires

A guide to your hair at every age

  How old is your hair? Well, surprisingly, no matter how long it is, it’s probably only a few years old and definitely less than 10! That’s because our scalp

First time dyeing your hair?

Will I damage my hair? If it’s the first time you are dyeing your hair, why not start with semi-permanent? Generally, these are gentler hair colours that simply sit on