What is Patch-It?

The Patch-It Series consists of Circulation Patch-It, Detox Patch-It and Sleep Patch-It. These unique patches integrate a variety of concepts including Reflexology, Traditional Chinese Remedies and Aromatherapy into a modern, easy to use format. The disposable foot patches are worn on the soles of the feet at night and each formulated with a blend of 100% natural ingredients.

How did we get involved? 

Nature’s Dream were recommended to the founders of Patch-It through a mutual contact. They were looking to introduce the brand to the UK market, whilst we were looking to extend our brand offering. The Patch-It concept was a new one to us but, after trialling the foot patches ourselves and reading the many product endorsements, we were convinced of the very real benefits this product can offer a variety of people.

Why do we love it?

Because of our Patch-It consumers!

We have many lovely, regular customers that swear by Patch-It for a number of ailments and the product really is so versatile.

We are big fans of using Circulation Patch-It ourselves when exhibiting at Trade Shows or travelling on long journeys. Even better, Circulation Patch-It was the subject of a clinical trial where users had been experiencing aches and swelling in the lower limbs. The beneficial effect of Circulation Patch-It in reducing swelling was significantly different from that of a placebo patch.