What is it?

e’lifexir Flat Tummy Plus are pleasant tasting, chewable tablets that contain fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS, soluble fibre). This mint-flavoured food supplement is suitable for diabetics and gluten free, plus no refrigeration is required meaning they are discreet and portable – perfect for people on the move!

How did we get involved?

Manufactured by the team behind Naturtint, e’lifexir Flat Tummy Plus was hugely popular in the Spanish market as a helpful food supplement for the on-the-go individual. The UK consumer soon felt the same and Flat Tummy Plus is now available in over 400 Holland & Barrett stores throughout the UK. Year on year, we have seen double-digit growth for this very simple little product!

Why do we love it?

We see e’lifexir Flat Tummy Plus as the perfect after-dinner mint – it not only freshens the breath but the minty flavour can help settle the tummy and as a food supplement we are supporting our digestion at the same time too!

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