• | Eilish White

    Get your feet summer ready!

    Finally, the summer holidays are here and, if you’re anything like us, you’ll have hunted high and low for the perfect pair of gorgeous sandals for your summer holiday. Comfy and pretty exist, right? We’re also loving this season’s bright and bold nail colours – whether it’s hot pink, ruby red, d... View Post
  • | Eilish White

    Dreaming of a flawless complexion?

    Dreaming of a flawless, smooth complexion? Want to recreate that Instagram glow? Or perhaps you’re just a little fed up of looking at your reflection in the mirror and noticing just one more line, another wrinkle? Ageing is inevitable, natural. So it’s no surprise that our skin is also suscepti... View Post
  • | Eilish White

    Are Scalp Scrubs really worth the money?

    Scalp scrubs – another marketing hype or are they really worth the money? And what exactly do you do with them? And, more importantly, what exactly can they do for you? You probably think your scalp is clean and healthy. After all, you wash it regularly with your favourite shampoo and that’s mor... View Post
  • | Eilish White

    What's the buzz around Siberian ginseng?

    Building on the trend for rummaging, foraging and all things natural, have you heard of Siberian ginseng? And no, it’s not one of Aldi’s fancy new flavoured gins. Although, I do love gin… Siberian ginseng is a bush which is able to resist even the most extreme Siberian winters. It’s famous for... View Post
  • | Eilish White

    Juniper Scalp Therapy Conditioner - why so many oils?

    Avocado Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil – sounds like lunch menu, right? But did you know that these oils are great for your hair? The oils in Tony Maleedy’s Juniper Scalp Therapy Conditioner serve two purposes – to help moisturise the hair and protect it from damage. Hair in good c... View Post
  • | Eilish White

    The stunning colours of autumn

    Autumn – such a beautiful season with so many shades of colour. And even though there is a definite coolness breezing in, we still love getting out in the fresh air. Crunching through the fallen leaves, foraging for conkers, admiring all the stunning autumnal colours – amazing! Wrapped in toasty ... View Post
  • | Eilish White

    Post-summer Hair Hydration

    We’re reluctant to admit it, but summer’s drawing to a close. The weather is getting nippier, our jeans have reclaimed centre stage in our drawers and we’ll soon be swapping our sandals for scarves (ugh!). During the glorious summer days, it seemed totally acceptable to wash our hair and leave it... View Post
  • | Adam Stubley

    Keep your hair 'on fleek' with Naturtint!

    It’s Fri-yay! You’ve done it. A whole week of early mornings, copious mugs of tea and different speculations about BBC’s Bodyguard. Now, it’s finally time to swap the PG Tips for a Peroni and your weekday fakeaway to a dirty takeaway (hurrah!). Fast-forward to Saturday night and you’ve ditched ... View Post