Nature’s Dream are a tight knit, passionate and hard-working team of individuals that strive
to offer the very best products and service.

Many of our team have been ‘Dreamers’ since the very early days and have been joined along the way by highly skilled and motivated
new members that have enhanced our marketing, distribution, sales and customer service offering.

We pride ourselves on our product knowledge, attention to detail and our ‘can do, will do’ attitude.
We are tenacious, ambitious, truthful and honest and always put the consumer at the very centre of all that we do.


Nigel Stubley – Managing Director

Our guiding light, with umpteen years’ experience running all sorts of successful businesses. From canned foods to freshly made pasta via hand tied bouquets and a printing business that never stops, Nigel draws on his wealth of experience to ensure that Nature’s Dream is a forward thinking, ambitious, successful business with a close and caring eye on his team.

Favourite Product:

Sleep Patch-It – because it helps me recover after long days with all the Nature’s Dreamers.


Tracy Watson – Head of Operations

Tracy is to accounts what Mary Poppins is to tidying play rooms. She keeps us all in check whilst running even the most tedious of forecasting sessions with a cheery disposition. Always ready to help make things more efficient, extremely detailed and precise, with an invoice tracking system to rival any of the corporate giants, Tracy keeps Nature’s Dream operations running ship shape and in Bristol Fashion – we call her the happy book keeper – she’s so much more than that!

Favourite Product:

Since using Ekia’s Crème Originelle I have had so many people comment on how clear and refreshed my skin is looking and I can feel a difference myself. Natura Siberica’s Energizing and Protective Shampoo and Conditioner set makes my hair feel soft, shiny and healthy – especially after day at the beach and in the sun.


JOANNA PLANT – Logistics Manager

Never happier than when she’s loading boxes on to pallets. We call her ‘The Viking’ because she’s got a work ethic to rival any conquering nation. She never stops. Queen of the warehouse, keeper of the forklift keys, JP will do whatever it takes to ensure your order leaves us on time, in full, properly secured and travelling with the best shipping option available. JP brings extensive logistics experience, having worked with small couriers moving single boxes through to large hauliers moving heavy plant machinery. She has import and export expertise and a thorough understanding of the best way to move anything from A to B.

Favourite Product:

Saaf’s Super Hydrating Body Balm has saved my skin – and it’s the only product my 5 year old son will have on his body. It’s really helped his eczema and makes the little guy (and me) smell wonderful. Natura Siberica’s Taiga Daily Protection Hand Cream is never far from my side – I have tubes dotted all over the warehouse!


Jane Smith – Head of Sales

Jane is a constant source of positivity and optimism. She is genuinely passionate about all our brands and we challenge anyone not to stock our products after they’ve been charmed by Jane. She has extensive sales experience across many industries but has found a personal enthusiasm for all things naturally better. Always placing herself in the shoes of the retailer mean she’s developed enduring relationships and partnerships with some of the industry’s best retail teams.

Favourite Product:

A blend of Naturtint Permanent 5N & 5C. Having had salon colour treatments all my life, I was reluctant to try a home hair colour when I first joined. However with Kerry’s expert advice I’ve been able to achieve the same professional finish with Naturtint. Everyone comments on how healthy my hair looks and I’m proud to say it’s Naturtint. I still visit a salon – but now I take Naturtint with me.


Kerry Capewell – Customer Support & Technical Service

Kerry is our resident Hair Dresser and Colour Technician. She’s on hand to give help and advice on all things hair colour – if a consumer wants to change their look with Naturtint then Kerry is here to guide them through. Often quoted in the glossies, offering expert tips and advice, what Kerry doesn’t know about hair colour isn’t worth knowing. She prides herself on delivering the best customer service to consumers and retailers alike and is equally knowledgeable across our other brands.

Favourite Product:

Naturtint’s Anti-Ageing CC Cream alongside Saaf’s Enriching Hair Oil – both essential beauty cabinet products. CC Cream prolongs the life of my hair colour and addresses the main signs of hair ageing whilst Saaf’s Hair Oil is an absolute miracle product. So versatile, I use it as a pre-wash treatment, an intensive overnight treatment or as a smoothing finishing product – it breathes life in to even the most damaged hair.


Jo Sedgwick – Regional Sales Manager

Jo is our Northern Correspondent out on the road, ensuring our retailers are fully serviced and kept up to date with the latest product news, promotions and marketing materials. Jo is a familiar face in the natural trade industry, having worked with a number of brands over the years providing product training, instore support, events and merchandising. With her fabulous attitude and warm personality, Jo has a wonderful relationship with our independent retailers and is able to draw on her own experience of the retail setting, having been a store manager for a number of years.

Favourite Product:

Natura Siberica’s Rich Siberian White Body Butter is divine – it’s ultra-moisturising and absorbs really well, a pleasure to use. The whole range looks fab on my bathroom shelf! The Naturtint Anti-Ageing CC Cream makes my hair really soft and silky with a wonderful shine – great for my coloured hair.


SAMANTHA BULLEN – Business Development Manager

Samantha is the Southern arm of our team on the road and spends her days visiting independent pharmacies and health stores to ensure they are getting the very best out of our brands. With qualifications in Nutrition, and Holistic Therapy, Samantha brings the highest level of expertise to the role and a genuine passion for health and wellbeing, also being an avid blogger on diet and nutrition. After taking a career break to start a family, Sam is thriving on the road building new retailer relationships and introducing exciting and innovative brands to our most loyal customers.

Favourite Product:

Where do I start?! I love Naturtint 3N for sorting out my pesky greys but leaving my hair beautifully soft and natural-looking. The Naturtint CC Cream leaves my hair gleaming and I find the Saaf serums and oils to be excellent moisturisers with visible skin benefits. Oh and I love the Oblepikha range from Natura Siberica….and the Rich White Siberian Body Butter….


Carla Wilson – Head of Marketing

Carla brings a wealth of marketing know-how and experience to the Nature’s Dream team, having been a passionate marketeer for her entire career and cutting her teeth in some of the largest FMCG companies. From packaging design to production and promotion, Carla’s keen marketing eye ensures that our brands have the very best image, messaging and personality. Carla’s drive for perfection ensures nothing will ever ‘just do’ and our brands get the very best marketing treatment. She also brings a number of expert contacts to the role from social media wizards to graphic designers, helping her unique visions to take shape.

Favourite Product:

Having spent years working in the Sexual Wellbeing marketplace, I am delighted to find a brand like TOKA that genuinely targets and empowers the female consumer. I am also a huge fan of EKIA’s Serum Eclat – no lie; I have noticed real differences in my skin that have made me do a double-take in the mirror!


Joanna Morris – Brand Manager

Naturtint, Saaf, Ekia and Flat Tummy

Our very own girl scout, can turn her hand to absolutely anything, always finding creative ways to solve problems, make things work better and look more attractive. Her teaching background and scientific qualifications mean that she really understands the science of our products and can easily pass this knowledge on. She manages her brands with gusto, and grabs every opportunity to gain product awards, reviews and coverage in the press. She’s a genuine creative thinker with a real eye for determining the needs of consumers. Always creating eye-catching and supportive brand materials – Jo is only one Blue Peter Badge away from a full set.

Favourite Product:

Saaf’s Eraser Body Oil without a doubt. It’s lovely to use, soaks into the skin and deeply moisturises, but without leaving a greasy residue. Love it!


JESSICA SMITH – Brand Manager

Natura Siberica, Toka & Patch-it

Jess is the new kid on the block at Nature’s Dream and is already making a name for herself as the resident digital guru. Be it Twitter, Trello or the next app that stops us writing paper lists, Jess is on the crest of the digital wave. Gaining invaluable marketing experience in industries as diverse as video equipment and services, childcare and event planning, Jess has a limitless enthusiasm for all things marketing. Jess has worked with a number of creative agencies and has already helped deliver three new brand websites for the Nature’s Dream portfolio, with more in the pipeline.

Favourite Product:

As a mummy to four busy children I couldn’t live without the Little Siberica range by Natura Siberica.  I can relax knowing that I am using gentle products on their hair and body, they smell gorgeous too!


Deborah Taylor – Warehouse Operative

One of the women that make it all happen!  From dealing with the scheduled day to day movement of stock in the warehouse to dealing with the plentiful last minute orders that come in and need get out quickly.  Deborah is a pillar of support to the Natures’ Dream operation.

Favourite Product:

Natura Siberica do a gorgeous hand cream, perfect for looking after my hard-working hands.


Sheila Appiah – Brand Ambassador

Sheila is our woman on the ground, she understands our customers like no other and is best placed for giving skincare advice.  From Harrod’s to Wholefoods and all inbetween, Sheila works in some of the finest establishment’s in the country ensuring that individual customers get tailored advice for their Hair, Body and Skin.

Favourite Product:

The Ekia product range is amazing with it’s key ingredient “Dragon Blood Sap”, even celebrities such as Angelia Jolie swear by it, and I now know why!

Steph Web Pic BOB

Steph Morgan – Accounts Assistant

Steph is our newest recruit, she had big boots to fill!  Steph is one of our key contacts for all trade enquiries, orders and accounts administration.  From adding orders to the system and ensuring customers are receiving the highest levels of customer service to helping our warehouse team with the daily talk of stacking and wrapping pallets, Steph proves to be a fabulous asset to our busy team.

Favourite Product:

I am now using Ekia Creme Originelle and what a difference, my skin feels radiant!

Carolyn Web Pic BOB

Carolyn Bointon – Media Manager

Carolyn has been a journalist for more years that she wants to admit because it might give her age away, but don’t be fooled, she’s bang up-to-date on natural and organic beauty trends. After spending ten years in South America, writing about her amazing adventures which included welcoming a six-week-old baby into her life, she returned to the UK to work on busy newsdesks for regional papers. Carolyn has unbridled enthusiasm and talent for social media engagement and knowing what customers want to read about.

Favourite Product:

Which to chose? I’m still working my way through our product ranges, but so far it has to be Ekia Creme Extreme which helps correct the many years’ sun damage caused by trekking and kayaking in the Andes!