What is it?

Did you know that a child’s skin and scalp produce almost six times less oil on a daily basis than an adults? We didn’t either until we met eco.kids.

An accomplished trichologist, knowing too well the different make up of a child’s scalp versus that of an adult, Peter Francis found himself a father concerned with the lack of children’s products formulated specifically for just that – the needs of his children.

As a result, eco.kid was born. A truly unique range, proudly Australian, certified organic, ecologically responsible, food grade, safe and formulated specifically for children. With products for hair and body, and an organic certified LICE

BOMB product to take on the worst of the chemically derived alternatives, eco.kid offers a real alternative to the gimmicky, cartoon-led, not so natural products out there.

The best bit…. all of the hair care products are designed to repel those pesky head lice on a daily basis. The pests that can make term time (for the parents!) sometimes unbearable.

How did we get involved?

Another chance meeting over a Cosmoprof coffee, we were instantly drawn to the energy and enthusiasm of the eco.kid team. Passionate about giving kids the very very best products, we saw instant synergies between our two businesses. We’d been looking for a certified organic children’s hair care range for a while, and eco.kids were ready to finally take the UK & Irish market place seriously.

Why do we love it?

Any products that help to reduce the daily chemical exposure that our little ones are subjected to are winners in our eyes, and eco.kids does that and so much more.

If you’ve ever had to use chemically laden head lice solutions on your children’s hair then you’ll understand the exact reasons why finding a natural, organic option has us all shouting from the playgrounds. And the fact that the daily care products also help to repel the little suckers over the longer term makes us feel even giddier!

Certified Organic

Head Lice Treatment & Prevention

Safe & Gentle

Eco Friendly

Suitable for all